How to Navigate Ketema as a Diaspora in Eritrea

Part I of tips aimed to guide diaspora in Maekel Ketema – [the neighborhood] in the African city that never sleeps.

30 Powerful Questions On Linguist Identity in the Diaspora

“I Swear on My Mother’s Tongue” is a collection of writing about the frustrations of acquiring a new tongue, or in this context the parent’s first language, often a dilemma for immigrant children residing outside of his|her family’s native country. 31 questions introduces the series and affirms to the diaspora that their frustration is not in vain.

Could I Handle Asmara’s Attitude?

Anecdotes of cultural clashes in Asmara and coming to my senses after a series of less pleasant encounters with Asmarinos.

A Window to the Past: St. Maryam Dearit

Virgin Mary is remembered today as the mother of Jesus Christ – a woman with powers beholden in her to conceive him by air – and a semblance of her whether on a chain or in a photo can be found in the homes of many Christians.

Flies and Photos in Tessenei

Getting rid of flies on the first night of a two-day stay in Tessenei was what I needed to clear my head and accept tomorrow’s blessings.