My Work

Sometimes I write using a bird eye’s view and other times I lean on a whole brain skill – observation. Blossom is a growing body of work which I intend to build on in the coming year. This section aims to widen the scope of issues involved on Homecoming91.

How My Unemployment After College Brought Me to Turkey

An about 2,000-word reflection on unemployment, religion, street wear and walking while black in Istanbul.

Turkish Women Push Back Against Patriarchy

Some Istanbulites reacted strongly to a proposed bill that would restrict oral contraception to only women who have a doctor’s prescription. Workers at pharmacies who heard about the proposal, however, did not feel it would be economically disruptive. Sources, mostly women, said these restrictions aims to prowl on their personal lives.

Healthy Conversations at Barbershops

Nelson Urraca isn’t a doctor, but he is trained to give health messages to his clients. He and his team of hair cutters at Nelson’s Barbershop in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, USA have been trained by the Arthur Ashe Institute to talk about high blood pressure, diabetes and HIV within the last decade. At the shop residents share their personal matters and use the equipment at no charge.


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