I’ve Been Wearing Flower Crowns Since ’95 and 15 Other Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me


1. I sucked my thumb until the age of 14.
2. I tried “losing weight” once by not eating for 24 hours. It didn’t work.
3. I almost moved to Shanghai in 2015 but didn’t make the trip to China until 2016, where my work company placed me in Beijing.
4. I learned to speak Italian for 18 months in college and then forgot nearly everything a year later.
5. I cried sitting alone on the eight-hour bus ride up from Downstate New York to Upstate New York because of job that I didn’t get in 2013. (It was my first big interview.)
6. I called the police several times after watching the classic American movie “Home Alone.” The police actually showed up at my family’s apartment. I must have been four years old.
7. I lost my old passport after my first international solo trip in 2013 to Istanbul, Turkey and didn’t realize that my passport had gone missing until a year later.
8. I’m a reality television junkie. Some of my favorite shows include the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise, Love & Hip Hop on VH1, Celebrity Therapy (on VH1 too), My Big Fat Fabulous Life, America’s Next Top Model (earlier in the millennium), Bad Girls Club, and Mob Wives.
9. I celebrated my first birthday in Eritrea in 1992.
10. During college, I lived in a different dormitory building every semester excluding the last one where I commuted six hours to school twice a week.
11. My parents have palindrome names [A-L-U-L-A and A-B-E-B-A are spelled the same backward/in reverse].
12. I dislike coffee. I really dislike coffee.
13. I was interviewed for a news article in a town newspaper in college. Why? The train that I had ridden home the night before hit and killed a teenager while running across the train tracks with his friends. It was his birthday and he was drunk. I still remember the sound of the “big bump” that derailed my trip home that night.
14. I wore a black bowtie and white suspenders to my high school prom which was a look inspired by an outfit that I had seen on the internet from a Betsie Johnson fashion show.
15. I floss every day.
image1 (11)
Wearing flower crowns since ’95. Photo Credit: School Photographer

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Wearing Flower Crowns Since ’95 and 15 Other Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

    1. Hello Tanya! Thanks for stopping by. This type of post is suspenseful (to the reader) and fun to write. I’m glad it has inspired you to write one too. 🙂


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